Customisation & integration, as standard.

Reach’s modular approach revolutionises solution architecture, offering unmatched customisation, integration and interoperability.

Modular Technology

Whether scaling up for growth or adapting to new market demands, Reach’s flexibility ensures that your software evolves with your business. By focusing on modular design, we ensure that each component of Reach delivers peak performance, contributing to a more efficient, cost-effective, and agile operational model.

Embrace the power of customisation with Reach, where every module is a step towards operational excellence.

Scalable Architecture

Reach is designed with a scalable architecture that allows for easy addition or removal of modules based on the changing needs of businesses.

Customisable Modules

The software offers customisable modules tailored to specific industry requirements, such as Solar, Smart Metering & EV charge point installations.
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Independent Functionality

Each module in Reach functions independently, ensuring that changes or updates to one module do not disrupt the functionality of others.
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Seamless Integration

Ensuring a cohesive user experience and smooth data flow across different functional areas, from scheduling to customer engagement.
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Focused Upgrades

Reducing downtime and ensuring continuous improvement in specific areas of the software.
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User-Centric Design

Each module is crafted with a user-centric design, prioritising ease of use and intuitive navigation.
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Inter-Module Communication

Facilitating sharing relevant data and insights across modules, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.
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Data Management & Security

Each module is designed to handle data securely and efficiently, with the flexibility to adapt to specific data requirements and privacy standards of different sectors.
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Integrate With Your Existing Systems


Intuitive Design

Efficiency through Intuitive user experience and Automated data processing.

Streamlining operations

Reach is designed to focus on intuitive use and automation, streamlining field operations like never before. Automation plays a key role in reducing human error and enhancing overall efficiency.

Automated processes like scheduling and reporting save valuable time and ensure accuracy and consistency in operations.

Elevating productivity

With Reach, experience a blend of intuitive design and intelligent automation, making complex field service management tasks more straightforward and effective and elevating your workforce’s productivity to new heights.

Mobile Engineering

All of the fuctionality of Reach, on the go!

Effortlessly commission smart meters with guided steps and automated data recording on the go.
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Vehicle Checks
Conduct and log daily vehicle inspections for safety and compliance using Reach.
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Ordering Stock
Quickly order and track inventory stock seamlessly, ensuring timely replenishment and availability.
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Track Technician
Customers can track their technician to their location for efficient and timely service.
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Jobs Today
View and manage your daily job schedule easily, ensuring organised and productive operations.
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Back Office Automation

Transform your Back-Office efficiency by introducing Reach operational automation.

Seamless & Efficient processes

Reach automates essential back-office functions such as reporting, workflow management, and customer service interactions.

Automated reporting brings precision and timeliness to data management, while workflow automation streamlines internal processes, reducing manual workloads.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Enhanced customer service automation ensures quick, accurate responses to client queries.

Reach’s back-office automation tools are designed to increase operational efficiency, reduce errors, and free up valuable resources, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks and customer engagement.

Industry Integration

Reach stands out for its exceptional industry integration capabilities.

Seamless Integration

Reach is designed to seamlessly interface with various industry-specific systems, ensuring smooth data exchange and compliance management.

This feature is crucial for businesses needing to stay aligned with industry standards and practices.

Efficient data flows

By facilitating efficient data flow between Reach and other platforms, we ensure that your operations are compliant, more informed and responsive to industry trends.

Reach’s integration feature breaks down silos, fosters collaboration, and streamlines workflows, making it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to excel in their respective industries.

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