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Discover how Reach revolutionises operations, enhances efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance, all whist streamlining scheduling, maintenance, and compliance tracking.

EV Charge Point Installation

As the popularity of electric vehicles surges, the importance of efficient installation of EV charging points becomes crucial.

Increased Efficiency

Enabling businesses to address the increasing EV charge point need with efficiency, Reach simplifies the entire installation procedure, starting from the initial evaluation of the site to the final inspection phase.

Technicians receive comprehensive information and tools to guarantee that the installations conform to the highest industry standards.

Real-Time Analytics

Reach's advanced scheduling functions enhance the allocation of technicians and resources, reducing wait times and expanding service reach.

The platform also offers essential data analytics for continuous upkeep and client assistance, reinforcing a sturdy EV network. Embrace the future of electric vehicles with Reach, leading the charge in pioneering EV infrastructure.


Energy & Utilities

Reach: Powering Efficiency in Energy and Utilities

Enhanced Efficiency

In the demanding world of energy and utilities, Reach is a game-changer.

Our software streamlines complex operations, enhancing efficiency while upholding stringent safety and compliance standards.

With features tailored for high-demand environments, Reach addresses the unique challenges of this sector, from managing vast field workforces to ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Real-time Coordination

Reach facilitates real-time coordination, predictive maintenance, and rapid outage response, significantly reducing downtime and operational costs.

Reach’s robust data analytics enable energy and utility companies to make informed decisions, optimising resource allocation and energy distribution.

Embrace Reach for a future where energy and utilities management is efficient and revolutionary.

Smart Metering

Reach: Transforming Smart Metering Operations

Seamless Implementation

Smart metering is at the forefront of energy innovation, and Reach is here to ensure its seamless implementation and maintenance.

Excelling in managing the intricacies of smart metering projects, from scheduling installations to maintaining a secure data flow, Reach provides technicians with critical information and tools for precise installations, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

integrated workflows

With real-time analytics offering insights into operational performance and customer usage patterns, Reach facilitates proactive service and system improvements.

Reach ensures a streamlined workflow from the meter to the management office by integrating with existing systems.

Choose Reach for a smarter approach to smart metering, where technology meets efficiency.

Electric Vehicles

Reach: Driving the Future of EV Charge Point Installations

Streamlined Installation

From initial site assessment to final inspection, Reach streamlines the EV charge point installation process.

Technicians are equipped with detailed information and tools to ensure installations meet industry standards, every time.

MAximise your coverage

Reach’s scheduling capabilities optimise the deployment of technicians and resources, minimising delays and maximising coverage.

Providing vital data insights for ongoing maintenance and customer support, Reach ensures a robust EV infrastructure.

Solar Installations

Reach: Illuminating Efficiency in Solar Installations

Beacon of Efficiency

Reach shines brightly as a beacon of efficiency in the rapidly evolving solar industry.

Reach is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of solar installations, from planning and design to installation and after-sales service.

Seamless Coordination

Reach enables seamless coordination between teams, ensuring timely and compliant installations. Detailed project tracking and real-time communication significantly reduce delays and miscommunications.

Our platform also aids in predictive maintenance, ensuring solar systems operate at peak performance.

Solar installation companies can use Reach to enhance operational efficiency and provide exceptional service, contributing to a greener future.

Mobile Technicians

Reach: Empowering Mobile Technicians for Peak Performance

Enhance Efficiency

A comprehensive solution that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile technicians.

Reach offers real-time access to job details, customer information, and necessary tools, allowing technicians to deliver high-quality service on the go.

Maximise productivity

Reach’s intuitive interface ensures technicians can easily navigate and update job statuses, reducing administrative burdens and focusing on core tasks.

With features like route optimisation and real-time communication, Reach maximises the productivity of mobile technicians, making them more responsive and customer-focused.

Independent Trades

Reach: Advancing Independent Trades with Smart Solutions

increased Profitability

A tailored solution that enhances productivity and profitability, Reach simplifies managing operations for independent trades.

Through streamlining job scheduling, customer management, and invoicing, Reach allows tradespeople to focus on their craft.

On-the-Go client Management

Reach’s mobile capabilities enable on-the-go management, ensuring all necessary information is at their fingertips.

With Reach, independent trades can expect improved job management, better customer engagement, and enhanced business growth while maintaining their independence and unique business identity.

Facilities Management

Reach: Redefining Facilities Management with Innovative Technology

a strategic advantage

Streamlining the management of facilities, Reach encompasses maintenance, compliance tracking, and resource allocation.

Reach’s intuitive design and customisable features make it an ideal tool for all sizes and types of facilities.

With Reach, facilities management becomes a strategic advantage, enhancing the longevity and functionality of your assets.

Real-Time updates across all locations

Reach enables facilities managers to oversee multiple locations efficiently, with real-time updates and analytics.

This comprehensive approach ensures facilities are well-maintained, compliant with regulations, and operating efficiently.

Renewable Technology Installations

Reach: Catalysing Success in Renewable Technology Installations

Streamlined Project Management

Reach plays a pivotal role in the burgeoning field of renewable technology installations.

Reach is expertly designed to handle the complexities of various renewable technology projects, including wind, solar, and hydroelectric installations.

By streamlining project management, scheduling, and execution, Reach ensures that renewable technology installations are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Optimised Operations

The platform provides real-time data and insights, enabling companies to optimise their operations and reduce environmental impact.

With Reach, businesses in the renewable sector can expect enhanced project delivery, adherence to sustainability standards, and a significant contribution to the global shift towards renewable energy.

Case studies

Transforming Solar Installation Processes

National Solar Installation Company

A solar energy company faced challenges scaling its operations due to inefficient project management and customer communication issues.

Revolutionising Facilities Management with Reach

Large Multi-Site FM Organisation

A large facilities management company needed help with the complexities of managing multiple sites with diverse maintenance needs.

Efficient Management in EV Charge Point Installation

Leading EV Charge Point Installer

A leading company specialising in Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point installations faced challenges in managing its rapidly expanding operations across various regions. That's where Reach came in!

Smart Metering Project

Nationwide MOP (MEM) Field Workforce

Before implementing Reach, a large-scale smart metering project faced challenges in deployment efficiency and data accuracy, impacting project timelines and compliance with industry standards.

Utility Company Success

Prominent Utility Company

A prominent utility company faced challenges in managing its field operations, leading to underutilised technicians and declining customer satisfaction levels... Until they implemented Reach!

Solar Installation Efficiency

Leading Solar Installation Company

In the rapidly evolving world of renewable energy, a leading solar installation company faced significant challenges in managing their large-scale projects. Despite a strong market presence, the company struggled with project delays, resource mismanagement, and customer dissatisfaction. That's where Reach came in...


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