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Reach S2

A groundbreaking solution tailored for the smart metering industry.

Reach S2 addresses the growing need for efficient, precise installation and commissioning of smart meters by offering a comprehensive suite of tools.

Streamlined & Simplified

Reach S2 simplifies the smart metering process, covering everything from deployment planning to sophisticated data management.

Equipped with advanced scheduling features, Reach S2 enables efficient allocation of resources and technicians for prompt, non-disruptive installations.

It also boasts an easy-to-use interface, ensuring accurate installations and adherence to regulatory standards.

Real-Time Analytics

Reach S2 offers the advantage of real-time data analytics, providing insights into operational performance and consumer usage, which aids in proactive service enhancements and system optimisations.

Its seamless integration with existing utility systems enhances data accuracy and security, while its focus on automation minimises manual errors, boosting overall efficiency.

Reach S2 is more than software – it's a catalyst for the smart metering revolution, empowering energy providers to confidently and competently navigate today's energy challenges


Reach for Enterprise

Revolutionising Large-Scale Field Service Operations

Streamline processes

This robust solution is engineered to handle the extensive demands of large-scale operations, offering comprehensive management tools that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

With its advanced scheduling system, Reach for Enterprise ensures optimal allocation of resources, reducing downtime and maximising workforce productivity.

The platform's real-time analytics give decision-makers actionable insights, enabling strategic planning and performance optimisation.

Reach for Enterprise also excels in customer engagement, providing tools that facilitate proactive communication and service updates, thus forging stronger customer relationships.

Your Strategic Partner

Safety and compliance are ingrained in every solution aspect, ensuring that all operations adhere to the highest standards. The platform’s seamless integration capabilities allow it to fit perfectly into existing corporate ecosystems, enhancing data flow and operational coherence.

Designed with scalability in mind, Reach for Enterprise adapts to the evolving needs of large organisations, supporting growth and innovation. It is not just a software solution; it's a strategic partner in driving operational excellence.

For enterprises seeking to elevate their field service management, Reach for Enterprise offers the reliability, sophistication, and adaptability needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Reach S2

Pioneering Smart Metering and Commissioning

Revolutionising Smart Metering

Reach S2 is a specialised solution designed to revolutionise the smart metering sector.

Reach S2 addresses this need by providing a comprehensive toolset that streamlines every phase of the smart metering process, from deployment planning to data management.

The solution offers advanced scheduling capabilities to allocate resources and technicians efficiently, ensuring timely installations and minimal disruption.

Its intuitive interface enables technicians to access critical information, perform installations accurately, and adhere to regulatory compliance.

Seamless Integration

Reach S2 also features real-time data analytics, offering insights into operational performance and customer usage patterns and facilitating proactive service improvements and system optimisations.

Moreover, Reach S2 integrates seamlessly with existing utility systems, enhancing data flow and ensuring accurate, secure transmission of information. The platform’s focus on automation reduces manual errors and enhances overall efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for energy providers and metering companies.

Reach S2 is not just a software solution; it’s a catalyst for the smart metering revolution, empowering providers to meet the challenges of today’s energy landscape with confidence and competence.

Embrace Reach S2 for smart metering solutions as intelligent as the meters themselves.

Reach Debt

Transforming Energy Debt Recovery

Streamlined debt recovery processes

Managing customer debts efficiently and empathetically is crucial in today's dynamic energy market. Reach Debt provides a robust platform that streamlines debt recovery processes, balancing operational efficiency with customer sensitivity.

The solution offers advanced tools for tracking and managing debts, enabling energy providers to implement effective recovery strategies. Its intelligent analytics offer insights into customer behaviour, aiding in developing personalised recovery plans that are more likely to yield positive outcomes.

Reach Debt also facilitates clear and compassionate communication with customers, ensuring recovery efforts are handled professionally and respectfully.

Foster Positive Customer Relationships

Moreover, the solution integrates seamlessly with billing and customer service systems, providing a comprehensive view of each customer’s situation and enabling more informed decision-making.

Automation plays a crucial role in Reach Debt, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistent, accurate management of recovery processes.

Reach Debt is not just about recovering debts; it’s about fostering positive customer relationships and enhancing the financial health of energy providers.

By choosing Reach Debt, energy companies can ensure that their debt recovery efforts are as effective as they are considerate, aligning operational goals with customer well-being.

Reach RPU

Innovating in Utility Revenue Protection

Detect, Analyse & Resolve

Reach RPU stands at the forefront of innovation in utilities revenue protection. Identifying and addressing revenue loss due to non-compliance or fraudulent activities in the utility sector is a significant challenge.

Reach RPU offers a sophisticated solution to effectively detect, analyse, and resolve revenue protection issues.

The solution employs advanced analytics to identify patterns and anomalies that indicate potential revenue loss. It enables utilities to proactively address these issues, reducing financial losses and ensuring fair billing practices.

Reach RPU’s comprehensive reporting tools provide detailed insights into revenue protection efforts, aiding in strategic planning and operational improvement.

Enhanced Field Operations

Moreover, the solution enhances the efficiency of field operations, providing field technicians with the necessary tools and information to investigate and resolve revenue protection issues on-site.

Reach RPU integrates seamlessly with customer information and billing systems, ensuring coherent data flow and informed decision-making.

Reach RPU is more than a revenue protection tool; it’s a commitment to fair and efficient utility management.

By implementing Reach RPU, utilities can safeguard their revenues, uphold customer trust, and maintain a robust and equitable billing system.


Facilitating Automated Energy Industry Data Flow

Seamless & Secure Data transmission

Reach Enigma is a specialised solution tailored to meet the complex data transmission needs of the energy industry.

This solution ensures seamless and secure data exchange between various stakeholders in the energy sector, including utilities, regulators, and service providers.

Reach Enigma's robust infrastructure supports large volumes of data, ensuring that all transmissions are timely and accurate.

The platform’s advanced encryption and security protocols safeguard sensitive data, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Full Visibility & Control over your data Flows

Moreover, Reach Enigma offers intuitive tools for monitoring and managing data transmissions, providing energy companies full visibility and control over their data flows.

The solution's analytics capabilities offer insights into data transmission patterns, aiding in optimising processes and identifying potential issues.

Reach Enigma is an essential tool for the modern energy sector, enabling efficient, secure, and compliant data management.

By adopting Reach Enigma, energy companies can ensure that their data flows are as streamlined and reliable as the energy they provide.


Empowering Meter Asset Providers

Streamlined asset Management & Maintenance

Reach Vision is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) to manage their meter assets more effectively.

In an industry where asset management and maintenance are key to operational success, Reach Vision offers tools that streamline these processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

The solution gives MAPs real-time visibility into their meter assets, enabling proactive maintenance and quick response to issues.

Its advanced analytics capabilities offer insights into asset performance, aiding in strategic decision-making and lifecycle management.

A Strategic Asset for MAPs

Reach Vision’s scheduling and dispatch tools ensure that maintenance and inspections are carried out efficiently, maximising asset uptime and reliability.

Furthermore, Reach Vision facilitates seamless integration with utility and field service systems, enhancing coordination and data accuracy.

The platform’s user-friendly interface makes tracking, managing, and reporting on meter assets easy, simplifying what was once a complex and time-consuming process.

With Reach Vision, Meter Asset Providers can expect a significant improvement in asset management efficiency, leading to better service delivery and increased profitability.

It’s not just a software solution; it’s a strategic asset in the arsenal of any forward-thinking MAP.

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