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Unlock the full potential of your field services with innovative design, advanced capabilities, cohesive operation and unparalleled performance.


Who is
Reach for?

Reach is a comprehensive field workforce management solution primarily designed for businesses working in complex, highly regulated sectors and are looking to streamline their operations.

Field Workforce, tamed

Reach addresses the unique challenges of multiple industries by offering an array of solutions like Reach for Enterprise, Reach S2, and Reach Debt, which cater to large field service organisations, smart metering operations, and energy debt recovery, respectively. 

Modular by Design

Reach’s modular design, intuitive user interface, and back-office automation, enhances operational efficiency and data integrity.

Our solutions are tailored to streamline complex field operations, optimise resource allocation, and improve customer engagement. This makes it ideal for organisations seeking to enhance field service management and drive industry-specific innovations.

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Key features

The Reach suite of software is crafted to empower your business to complete installations better, faster, and safer.

Comprehensive Field Service Management

Redefining field service management, Reach offers an integrated solution encompassing every aspect of field operations.

From seamless scheduling to efficient execution, Reach empowers teams to perform at their peak.

All components of field service - dispatch, job tracking, and customer feedback - work in harmony, fostering a more productive, organised, and client-focused field force.

Embrace Reach to transform your field operations, ensuring every task is carried out with precision and professionalism.

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Transforming raw field data into actionable insights, Reach enables businesses to make informed decisions swiftly.

You'll have a bird's-eye view of operations, with Reach highlighting efficiency areas and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

You're not just collecting data; you're unlocking the potential to optimise every aspect of your field service, from resource allocation to customer satisfaction.

Step into the future of data-driven field service management with Reach.

Mobile Workforce Enablement

Arming your mobile workforce with the latest tools, Reach ensures they have the necessary information and resources at their fingertips. This leads to:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Technicians can access job details, report progress, and communicate with the back office in real-time, all from their mobile devices.

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Elevate your workforce's efficiency with Reach's advanced scheduling capabilities.

Optimising workforce allocation, Reach's intelligent scheduling system reduces downtime and ensures the right technician is assigned to each job. Reach's intelligent scheduling tool adapts to various scenarios, smoothly accommodating last-minute changes and emergencies.

Improving operational efficiency, Reach enhances your customer satisfaction by providing timely service.

Experience the difference with Reach, where advanced scheduling meets unparalleled service delivery.

Customer Engagement Tools

Reach's suite of customer engagement tools enables businesses to communicate and update clients, fostering trust and loyalty proactively.

These tools allow for regular updates on service progress, feedback collection, and personalised interactions.

By keeping customers informed and engaged, Reach helps you to build stronger relationships, ensuring repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.  

Safety & Compliance

Prioritising safety and compliance, they are embedded into every aspect of our field service management solution, ensuring all operations adhere to the highest industry standards and safety protocols.

With Reach, you can manage compliance documentation, track safety training, and ensure every procedure is up to the regulatory mark.

This commitment to safety and compliance protects your workforce and upholds your reputation.

Seamless Integration

Through seamless integration capabilities, Reach ensures a unified approach to field service management, connecting disparate systems into a cohesive whole.

This feature eliminates data silos, enhances communication, and streamlines operations.

Whether CRM, ERP, or other operational tools, Reach syncs effortlessly and provides a comprehensive view of your business processes.

Customisable Modules

Tailored to meet specific industry and organisational needs, Reach's customisable modules offer flexibility and relevance.

You can select and combine modules that align with your unique operational requirements, ensuring a solution as unique as your challenges. From scheduling to analytics, each module is designed for user-friendliness and efficiency.

Choose Reach for a field service management solution that adapts to you, not vice versa.

Case studies

Transforming Solar Installation Processes

National Solar Installation Company

A solar energy company faced challenges scaling its operations due to inefficient project management and customer communication issues.

Revolutionising Facilities Management with Reach

Large Multi-Site FM Organisation

A large facilities management company needed help with the complexities of managing multiple sites with diverse maintenance needs.

Efficient Management in EV Charge Point Installation

Leading EV Charge Point Installer

A leading company specialising in Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point installations faced challenges in managing its rapidly expanding operations across various regions. That's where Reach came in!

Smart Metering Project

Nationwide MOP (MEM) Field Workforce

Before implementing Reach, a large-scale smart metering project faced challenges in deployment efficiency and data accuracy, impacting project timelines and compliance with industry standards.

Utility Company Success

Prominent Utility Company

A prominent utility company faced challenges in managing its field operations, leading to underutilised technicians and declining customer satisfaction levels... Until they implemented Reach!

Solar Installation Efficiency

Leading Solar Installation Company

In the rapidly evolving world of renewable energy, a leading solar installation company faced significant challenges in managing their large-scale projects. Despite a strong market presence, the company struggled with project delays, resource mismanagement, and customer dissatisfaction. That's where Reach came in...

What our clients say

Barry, Operations Director

Reach transformed how we manage our field teams. The right resource gets to the right job at the right time, streamlining our operations. We've seen significant time savings and cost reductions, and our safety standards have notably improved.

Matt, Fleet Manager

Reach has brought significant fleet efficiencies. The ability to monitor fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance in real-time has been a key factor in reducing our operational costs.

Paul, Project Manager

Implementing Reach has led to a remarkable improvement in our field team's efficiency. The real-time data exchange has streamlined our workflows and improved overall project management.

Tracey, Data Analyst

The flexibility and depth of Reach's reporting tools have been invaluable. We can now generate detailed operational reports effortlessly, providing insights that drive our strategic decisions.

Tim, Customer Service Manager

The capacity management feature in Reach has revolutionised how we handle customer appointments. It's easier now to manage workload distribution, which has led to improved customer service.

Steve, Field Engineer

The mandatory vehicle checks feature in Reach ensures that I start my day safely and efficiently. The attention to detail in this software makes a real difference in our daily operations.

Bryn, Technology Officer

Reach's seamless integration with our existing systems has been a major win. We've automated many of our manual processes, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Simon, Logistics Manager

Managing the logistics of stock items used to be a major challenge for us. Since implementing Reach, we've seen a dramatic improvement in allocating and tracking resources, leading to greater operational efficiency.

Paul, SHEQ Manager

With Reach, we've been able to enforce safety protocols more effectively. Its embedded health and safety features ensure that our field teams are always working in the safest manner possible.

Sophie, Field Service Coordinator

Reach's customer service is exceptional. Anytime we've had questions or needed support, their team has assisted quickly, making our experience with the software seamless.

James, Operations Director

The intuitive design of Reach makes it incredibly user-friendly. Our teams adapted quickly, leading to smoother operations and better resource management, particularly in stock logistics.

Matt, Utility Field Supervisor

The mobile technology and industry integration in Reach are game-changers. Our field operations are now more automated and efficient, enhancing client satisfaction.


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